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TKDMR Panel Test Tool LED LCD Screen Tester for TV/Computer/Laptop Repair

Very useful tool, it can quickly detect whether the LCD screen is good or bad and whether the screen is damaged.
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Instructions For Use

Special Reminder:
1. Please do not plug in the device, first connect it and then power on it. Otherwise, it may burn the device or screen. Burning the device will charge a certain cost. The screen voltage interface is fully protected, but if the screen voltage is adjusted incorrectly, To burn the screen, that is, if it is a 3.3V or 5V screen, the screen voltage is adjusted to 12V, the screen will be burned directly, please be sure to pay attention to this friend, there is one more special reminder Please use 12V-19V 4A or 5A power supply for power supply. Do not exceed 19V. Otherwise, the screen will be burned off.
2. Please use the standard LVDS screen line on the universal board or the universal board. Do not use the screen line on the original board. Otherwise, the equipment or screen will be burned out and the equipment manufacturer will not burn it. Because even if the same model of the screen, the board produced by different manufacturers is not the same, it also determines the interface definition of the driver board screen line is not the same, so the line order of the screen line is not the same, for example, the same 32 of Haier and Hisense LCD TV, the same screen, but the board is not the same, which determines the definition of the screen interface of these two brands is not necessarily the same, so the two screen lines are not universal, not the standard LVDS screen line, this must pay attention to.
1. The Product Overview
T-60s universal LVDS screen tester, integrated with up to 100 kinds of screen parameters, built-in factory-level professional test screen, perfect short-circuit protection design, is the most supported screen on the market, the most compatible, the simplest operation The universal tester supports almost 5.6-84-inch 95% LVDS screens and can support vertical screen resolution tests of common small-size LVDS interfaces, such as Google's first generation screen 800x1280.
1. Support LVDS interface horizontal screen resolution and vertical screen resolution screen, maximum support 2048x1536 resolution, dual channel 8 bit (24bit);
2. built-in LCD screen LED backlight constant current source, the default constant current is 120mA, adaptive boost, the maximum boost voltage is 30V, support LED + / LED - positive and negative short circuit protection alarm, 30V overvoltage protection. The default current adapts to the screen size (5.6 inches - 17.3 inches);
3. built-in a variety of factory-level professional LCD screen detection screen, very convenient to detect various kinds of bad LCD screen;
4. internal integration of a variety of resolution programs, according to the screen resolution to light up the LCD test;
5. The tester output interface is short-circuit protected. Each interface corresponds to a short-circuit code. When short-circuited, the buzzer will alarm, the power indicator will flash, and the digital tube will display which interface is short-circuited.
6. screen parameter selection digital tube display digital will automatically remember, support digital tube one digit and ten quick settings;
7. Appearance size: 155mm X 105mm X 22mm, oxidation process of aluminum alloy casing;
8. input power: 12V-19V input (current size can be selected according to the overall power consumption of the screen), select 12V / 3A-4A below 27 inches, 32-inch TV screen, power supply select 19V/2A or more input.TV screens over 32 inches, power supply of 12V-19V/2A-5A can be selected.(12V 5A full-current can also be, the country for the new version of the interface protection chip, there is voltage drop through the interface protection core, 12V power supply into about 10V drive screen voltage out, 19V into 12V drive screen voltage out, generally 12V drive screen voltage above 9.5V can work normally, please do not worry about it).

Unique Skills: (other screens are not available)
1. The real 60 kinds of screen parameters, each type of screen parameters have been tested, instead of copying one resolution out of three kinds and four kinds of 60 kinds or more.
2. The lowest resolution of 640X480, the highest resolution of 2048X1536, surpassing any current screen tester on the market (the highest resolution of 1920X1080 for common screen testers), laying the foundation for testing 4K screens in the future.
3. 14 kinds of professional screen test screens of the new LCD screen tester, and currently there are only 8 test screens on the market.
4. The new LCD screen measuring instrument adjusts the resolution code, which is one digit and ten digits respectively. The current screen measuring instrument on the market is from small to large, for example, 56 code, the latest one only needs to be adjusted to 5 The ten digits can be adjusted to 6 or not, but the current screen measuring device on the market needs to be adjusted from 56 to 56 and 56 times.
5. The new LCD screen measuring instrument comes with LED booster board, which is constant current board, the output voltage is up to 35V, 120MA current, and the current screen measuring instrument on the market does not have constant current board, which is the booster board.
6. The new LCD screen measuring instrument LVDS screen line interface has a professional card slot, which can be inserted and removed multiple times to prevent bending needles, but currently there is no screen measuring instrument on the market, only double row 30 needles.
7. The new LCD screen measuring instrument adopts full interface circuit short circuit protection, open a new-era of LCD screen protection, not only screen line short circuit protection, high voltage board, boost board and other interface short circuit will also protect, different places short circuit prompt different code , the era of protection is fully open, and currently the screen detectors on the market only have screen line protection, and can not really do not burn the screen.
8. The new LCD screen detector integrated screen parameters are quickly set and saved automatically. The function is not only what code is adjusted this time. When the power is turned off and then turned on, the last code screen parameter is automatically restored, and the current screen is on the market. The instrument does not have this function.
9. The new LCD screen monitor supports our LVDS to 4K adapter board and LVDS to EDP adapter board.
10. The new LCD screen measuring instrument PCB circuit board uses military-grade circuit board design, the capacitor uses solid capacitor, work well, with enough material, more than any LCD screen tester on the market.
11. The new LCD screen detector can adjust the resolution code directly in the power-on state, the signal source chip is automatically reset, and the other code on the market has to press the switch, turn it on and off again, manually reset to display the test. Picture.
12. The new screen detector supports square screen, wide screen, and strong screen. The screen detector on the market can't support the screen.
The screen meter is good, if you look over it, directly connect the high voltage board or booster board output interface 12V and GND, the screen meter speaker will sound three times, the A3 interface short circuit alarm will appear, and the screen line drive voltage will be directly If the GND is short-circuited, the A1 alarm will appear. Similarly, A1, A2, A3, and A4 will be fully protected. The short-circuit alarm code will appear on that interface, and the speaker will ring. This is the only one on the market with this function. Screen tester, work well, open your view, solid capacitor, fully enclosed inductor.

The 6th generation newest LED LCD panel tester tool are getting more refined with new hardware driver and software programs. 

1.Easy and convenient to operate,there is a builtin procedure with 55 kinds of Lvds screen resolutios

2.With digital number display indicator,you can choose corresponding resolution by swifting button.

3.Make screen cable in proper position and prevent driver board from damage with LCD power supply short circuit protection function. The digital number display indicator will show flickering'00'and buzzer will sound if the screen cable is short-circuited.

The digital number display indicator will return to normal after removing short circuit.(More than 10 minutes’ short circuit is not allowed).

4.More convenient, durable, convenient, high efficiency and practical.

5.There are a variety of built-in standardized testing charts ,powerful and applicable.

6.The screen will show external VGA input signal when plug external VGA cable.

7.Support to test LCD and LED screen with LVDS Interface from 7 inches to 84 inches.

8.Suitable for LVDS interface LCD screen test with 55 kinds of resolutions.


To use this tool, you need to know the resolution of the LCD/LED screen,screen voltage and the bit number of the LVDS cable for that screen, then check them against the list of screen parameter on the panel to find the right parameter and input it with the "+" key and "-" key on the panel digital tude.
(You can know your panel information in
Then connect the LVDS cable and inverter. Choose the right screen voltage.Press the power key to turn on the power.During the test procedure, if you want to test another screen, you don’t need to unplug the power adapter, just press the power key on the panel to turn the power off.

Precautions for Use
LCD tester (Fifth Edition) has done a sound encryption and security protection, unauthorized removal of the test instrument program will automatically remove the lock, and re on the digital tube display '88', a long ring. In this case we refuse to guarantee, please know!

Package Include:

1)Five-piece set

Panel Tester *1PCS
Screen line *14PCS
4 lamp high voltage board *1PCS
12P constant current board *1PCS
Power supply *1PCS

2)Two-piece set

Panel Tester *1PCS
Screen line *14PCS

3)Panel Tester

Panel Tester *1PCS

Detailed information about the LVDS cables:

FIX-30Pin-S8 (power on left) bit 
FIX-30Pin-S8 (power on right) bit 
FIX-30Pin-D6 (power on left) bit 
FIX-30Pin-D8 (power on left) bit 
FIX-51Pin-D8 (power on left) bit  (Most universal LVDS cable for 32''-65'' screen)
FIX-51Pin-D8 (power on right) bit (Most universal LVDS cable for 32''-65'' screen)
FIX-30Pin-D8 (power on left) bit (for 17''-42'' screen)
FIX-30Pin-D8 (power on right) bit (for 17''-42'' screen)
FPC-LVDS-30Pin-S8 (power on left) bit 
FPC-LVDS-30Pin-S8 (power on right) bit 
LP-40Pin-D6(LED laptop HD)
LP-40Pin-S6(LED laptop SD)

Totally 14 pcs LVDS/FPC cables for 12''-65'' laptop/TV screen


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